There isn't much out there about the
"and beyond" stage of breastfeeding...

How much is too much? Not enough?
Do they need cow's milk?
Do you need to pump to keep up your supply?
What about the older baby struggles like...
...and those SQUIRREL type of feeds?

I get it... solids tend to steal the show.

We need to eat food...

And you're basically on a 17 year journey to prepare them to take care of themselves and you want to raise a healthy, intuitive eater.

But don't forget they're still learning...

Let's forget the fact that your now-toddler is still trying to figure out HOW to actually eat, let alone WANT to eat (#toddlerlife).

That's why there's no limit to breastfeeding.

It is going to fill gaps nutritionally, emotionally and immunologically. So I also get why you are wanting to figure out how to keep at it!

That's what this workshop is for.

Get all the information you need to continue breastfeeding beyond one year!

Workshop discussion includes:

  • "Milk advice": what are your baby's nutrition needs and what alternative options do you have.
  • "How much": know what's too much or not enough using the DoR method.
  • Return to work and separation (12mo+): strategies to manage supply and demand.
  • Tips for older baby problems: pain, teeth, distractedness, constipation, solid refusal and "touched out" moments.
  • Hello hormones: strategies to bring back fertility and manage breastfeeding through pregnancy. 
  • "A to Q" session at the end.

Robyn Price

Hey there, I'm Robyn - a Registered Dietitian, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and stay at home mama of two busy boys, but you may know me as @breastfeeding.dietitian on the 'gram.

I have a passion for educating and empowering mamas like you on your breastfeeding journey to help you reach your goals. I have quickly realized the limits that 2200 characters has, but want to give you the information you need... so I host monthly workshops to provide a deeper dive into problems (and solutions!) you may encounter when feeding your baby. Here's to being informed and supported!

Forever #teamYOU,

Robyn, The Breastfeeding Dietitian

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