Stop worrying if your baby is getting enough...

...and set your supply up for success without the strict schedules.

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Getting Enough to Grow
October 28 @ 11:30am EST

Get all the information you need to know your baby is getting EXACTLY what they need to THRIVE.

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Workshop discussion includes:

  • Milk making 101: the 2 things that actually matter to create the perfect milk supply.
  • Hone in on HOW MUCH: knowing when it's too much, too little, and just right for YOUR baby (+ real life examples!).
  • Stop the clock: how to find the best "full feeds frequency" for YOU.
  • Supplementing without sabotaging: strategies to get your baby WHAT they need without sacrificing HOW you want to feed.
  • SOS tips: the "snacker" and "slow gainer", sleeping through the night, frequent night waking, basics to increasing supply, + slow letdown.
  • "A to Q" session at the end.

Robyn Price

Hey there, I'm Robyn - a Registered Dietitian, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and stay at home mama of two busy boys, but you may know me as @breastfeeding.dietitian on the 'gram.

I have a passion for educating and empowering mamas like you on your breastfeeding journey to help you reach your goals. I have quickly realized the limits that 2200 characters has, but want to give you the information you need... so I host monthly workshops to provide a deeper dive into problems (and solutions!) you may encounter when feeding your baby. Here's to being informed and supported!

Forever #teamYOU,

Robyn, The Breastfeeding Dietitian

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